Sexy little video clip; nice night on the island ….

studentHi, friends and readers:

Remember when you were in college, sitting through a slightly boring class? There was always some cute guy in your class, and to relieve your boredom you might steal glances at him, checking out his crotch and all. It was cheap entertainment and harmless. He wouldn’t even know you were checking him out unless . . .  he caught you in the act. His gaze would meet yours, and then if you were real lucky you might get a wink and a little smile.

camera #4The video clip I’ve posted here tonight reminds me of those moments. So does the photo to the left. Sadly there were too few of those moments. The cute guys were never flirty when I was in college. Even the gay boys were very careful about communicating their sexuality in a public place. But I sure would have enjoyed getting a wink from cutie in the video clip or the guy in the photo to the left. They’re both dolls ….

I’m home from a YMCA workout and lap-swimming session. On the way home I visited a neighbor who’s in a rehab facility where she’s recovering from a medical problem. It was o good to see her. Then I hit the wine market on our island to stock up on our supply. It’s almost seven PM and soon I’ll get busy on cooking dinner for myself and my boyfriend. He’s busy studying in his little office with a view of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Have a great Wednesday night, friends.

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