Sexy boys in ball caps; another pretty night on the island ….

ball cap #4Hi, friends and readers:

I own  several ball caps; I wear them frequently, but I don’t own a flat-brim; I’d look mucho stupid in one at my age. Flat-brims are for young men, just like wearing a ball cap backward is a young man’s domain. Once you’re over thirty you shouldn’t do it. I mean, I see guys over forty wearing flat-brims, even flat-brims backward, and I think, “You really need to grow up pal; you’re not a kid anymore.”

But some guys are clueless; they think they’re 21 years old forever. All I can say is, “Puh-leeze ….”

Anyway enough ranting on ball cap fashion. I think the guys in tonight’s photo posts look great in theirs. I’m just sorry the guy in the top photo didn’t shed his shirt entirely before the photo was taken. What a babe ….

ball cap #3It’s been a frustrating day for me on several fronts. Some I won’t go into.  My dental appointment started thirty minutes lare, and the traffic driving to and from it was insane. It took my twice as long as it usually does because we have so many winter tourists here right now and they clog our roads. They also look at everything but the road in front of them. It’s maddening.

My drive to and from the supermarket this afternoon was equally frustrating for the same reason: tourist traffic. The day was too windy for bike riding, and then I found out a good friend is pretty sick physically and pretty down mentally, not good.

Okay, now it’s five PM and I will try to salvage the rest of the day with beer, wine, guitar playing, and editing. I’m home alone so I can get a lot done. I bought fresh fish for my dinner and a cold bottle of Sauvignon blanc wine from New Zealand is resting in my fridge. I’ll make this day a good one despite my earlier frustrations.

Have a great Thursday night, friends.

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