Hot guys at the beach; Spring Break is underway ….

beach boy #11Hi, friends and readers:

On Monday, after I returned home from the YMCA, I didn’t want to stay indoors; the weather was just too nice. So, I slipped into my boardshorts and then I took a three-mile walk along the shore at the beach down the street from my house. Everywhere I looked, college boys in boardshorts were out in force, playing “cornhole”, volleyball, and soccer. And I told myself, “Okay, Martin, it looks like Spring Break is underway for 2015.

I love Spring Break because the sights are stellar. Yeah, the traffic is crazy and so are the stores and restaurants on my island, but the crowding is worth it. Plus, I like seeing college kids enjoy our beach and our fine weather.

This morning I was up at six AM, wide awake. I had breakfast, and then read the paper while waiting for daylight to appear. Since we just switched to Daylight Savings Time sunrise comes an hour later, but the sun finally rose and then I walked three miles on the beach.

beach boy #6I’m home alone this morning, and I’m not in a very good mood for several reasons I won’t go into. It’s about 10:30 and I haven’t gotten much done in the writing department. I’m simply not in the right frame of mind for creativity, and that’s not like me, but I will do something constructive before lunchtime, and then maybe I will take a long bike ride, here on the island. Because it’s Wednesday I would normally hit the YMCA for a workout, but I’m not in the mood to be around a lot of people, so a bike ride will have to do for exercise.

Outside, it’s a sunny day and, unbelievably, our high temperature today will reach 86 degrees F. And this is the second week of March? Aye-yi-yi ….

Okay, everyone, maybe this wasn’t the most upbeat post. Sorry if I’m in a rotten mood, but I will pull out of it. Have a nice Wednesday, friends.

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