More hot guys at the beach; more beautiful winter weather ….

beach boy #12Hi, friends and readers:

It’s officially still winter, I know, but it’s hard to believe when I step outside and it’s about 84 degrees F. When I walked three miles on the beach this morning I wore only a t-shirt and boardshorts, and I was more than comfortable.

The Spring Breakers were out yet when I took my walk; they were still sleeping off their hangovers, I’m sure. But they’ll be out in force this afternoon when I take a fourteen-mile bike ride for exercise.

The young man to the left looks like your typical Spring Breaker: around nineteen or twenty years old, with a lean body, tangled hair, and a bit of swagger in his step. Ah-h-h, the joys of Spring Break. 😉

I was up pretty early this morning, around seven, and the beach was just beautiful. Wehad a pretty sunrise with lots of glowing clouds. The air was still and the Gulf was as calm as glass. This is a great time to visit central Florida.

beach boy #13Have a look at Mr. Corona t the left. Would you like to share a beach blanket with him? Maybe rub sunscreen on his shoulders and back for him? Of course you would.

Okay, I digress. It’s almost lunchtime now. I have finished working on my novel-in-progress for the day and in just a few minutes I’ll fix myself lunch. I’ll tidy up the kitchen, and then I’ll change into my cycling clothes for my bike ride. No, I don’t own one of those silly cyclist outfits you see all the time: the Spandex shorts and garish shirts that are way too colorful. I just wear soccer shorts and a t-shirt and I’m fine.

Tonight I will drive into the city to have a few beers and then have dinner with one of my oldest friends and the world. We have known each other since third grade and we never run out of things to talk about. I’m looking forward to it.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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  1. Thanks for all you give! I always have pleasure to read your post (it’s good to improve my english) and see your nice chosen pics. I live in a small town facing the Ocean, i like swimming, riding my bike and looking at hot guys. I like your blog.

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