Do you have a foot fetish? Hey, it’s okay ….

foot wirshipHi, friends and readers:

I can’t say that I have a fixation on other guys’ feet, but I can understand the attraction. I’ve had sex with foot worshipers before and they were satisfying experiences. It’s nice having your toes licked and sucked. Your feet are very tender parts of your body, you know. Lots of nerve endings are located there. So, I thought I would devote today’s photo posts to feet. If you find that weird well, go someplace else, okay?

feetAnd while we’re on the subject, how could you resist spending a little time licking this guy’s feet to the left? That’s before you move up his legs and explore the crack of his ass with your tongue. Yummy ….

It’s a gorgeous, late winter day in central Florida. The sun is shining and the temperature’s around 75 degrees. Very little wind is blowing so I will probably get to cycle today. As mentioned in earlier posts, Spring Break is underway, here on our island, so after lunch I will take a three-mile walk on the beach down the street to soak up the sights. All these college boys in their boardshorts get me weak in the knees, and for you foot fetishists, none of them are wearing shoes. Their toes are fully exposed and ready for licking. Aye-yi-yi …

Okay, before lunch I need to work on edits for my novel-in-progress, so I can’t linger. It’s a beautiful Saturday here and I hope it’s nice where you are as well. Happy toe sucking, everyone.

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