Hot surfer boys; Martin’s in Cocoa Beach today ….

Hi, friends and readers:cocoa beach boy

I know I’m posting late today and there’s a reason for it. The party we hosted yesterday was an all-day drinking event, and I woke up with a ferocious hangover this morning, around ten AM. After a quick breakfast I loaded up the Element with my surfboard and all my other surfing paraphernalia, and then I drove to Brevard County on Florida’s Atlantic coast, where I will hopefully be surfing in the morning if the waves show up. (Right now the ocean ‘s a flat as a board.)

The drive over here (160 miles) was miserable because I was feeling so crappy and I had to drive on I-4 which is one of the most awful stretches of road in Florida. As always, people drove like maniacs. I arrived in Cocoa Beach feeling utterly drained. But now I’m sipping from a cold bottle of beer and I am feeling much better. I have a hotel room right on the ocean, and it’s very pretty here today: sunny, warm, and still. Hopefully, things will stay that way tomorrow.

evan geiselmanOne of the great things about this area is the sexy  surfers you encounter everywhere. Most are friendly when you are out on the line-up catching waves. Many are gorgeous, with sleek and muscles bodies. Like Evan Geiselmann, who you see to the left here. Pretty hot, eh?

I didn’t get to my hotel until a little before five PM, and I am pretty well bushed after making the three hour drive. I have nothing planned for this evening. I’ll get Chinese takeout from  a place across the highway that I can walk to. Maybe I’ll do a little writing or editing, or maybe I’ll just watch TV or read. Honestly, I’m exhausted and my hotel bed (It’s a king.) is looking very welcoming. It’s going to be an early night for me, I believe, and that’s okay ’cause I want to be on the water right after sunrise tomorrow.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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