Hot guys and their cameras; busy Tuesday ahead for Martin ….

camera #9Hi, friends and readers:

Selfies are, as one follower of this site once said, “pedantic”, but I still come across a few each month that I find worthy of sharing with you guys. So, here are two I really like, not because of the photographic quality, but because of the guys in the pictures. I mean, check out Mr. Muscles to the left. Would you turn down a date with him? Of course you wouldn’t …. 😉

I rose late this morning, a little before nine, so I didn’t get in my usual beach walk. Instead I got busy at the keyboard. Now it’s eleven AM and I have much to do today.

Because I wasn’t here at all last week, things need done. It’s amazing how things like housework and yard work tend to stack up when you’re out of town, isn’t it?

camera #7Right after lunch, the first order of business will be exercise. It looks like the wind’s blowing pretty steadily, which rules out cycling. So I guess I’ll walk 3-1/2 miles, here on the island, instead. Next I need to do a fair amount of yard work: raking up fallen leaves, pulling weeds and putting down weed-killer. Then I need to visit the supermarket to buy necessaries I forgot to buy on Sunday. I also ned to prepare a file for my CPA so he can prepare my 2014 tax return for the IRS. What fun ….

My boyfriend is working tonight, so I’ll be on my own for the evening. I’ll bake a fish fillet for my dinner, with leftover side dishes from last night. I have work to do on my novel-in-progress, and I need to return some phone calls. All-in-all it’s going to be what I call a “get-shit-done” day. It’s not fun but it’s necessary.

Okay, everyone, I need to get to work, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a beautiful Tuesday, wherever you are. And stay away from your camera when you’re in the bathroom, okay?

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