A pair of sexy BMXers; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

bmx #2Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve never been a part of the BMX scene. Hell, it didn’t even exist when I was a teenager. But based on messages I’ve received over the years from BMXers, there is definitely a subset of young gay men participating in the sport. I’m not sure what the attraction is, but I’m glad to hear gay men and boys are out there, just being themselves. Does everyone at the track look like the guys in today’s photo posts? If so, then no wonder gay guys like the sport. 😉

I rose around 7:30 this morning to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. The shore was pretty deserted at that hour. Conditions were perfect: overcast sky, cool air, and no wind. I had a great walk, and then I came home to share breakfast with my boyfriend before he left for classes. Once he was gone, I got to work on writing a new scene for my novel-in-progress which is finally coming to a close at about 130,000 words. It’s a long book.

bmx #11Have a look at the guy to the left. Something about his appearance makes me think he’s German, but who knows? I wonder if he’d let me ride on his handlebars? 😉

Today will be a typical Wednesday for me. I’ll fix myself a simple lunch that’s not too filling, and then I’ll head into town to visit the YMCA. I’ll do a full workout there; it takes me about ninety minutes. And then I’ll swim laps in the indoor pool. I’ll grab a shower afterward, and then I’ll visit my CPA’s office to leave him documents that will enable him to prepare my 2014 tax return. Then I’ll hear for home and my little island.

My boyfriend will have to study most of this evening, so it’s my job to cook dinner for us and maybe even clean up afterward. I don’t mind. His exams are coming up soon and he needs to be prepared for them, so I’ll take care of the mundane chores will he studies his law books. Maybe I’ll take a moonlit walk on the shore after dinner; it should be really nice down there tonight.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.


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