Sexy guys on their beds; Martin’s back on the island ….

on the bed #3Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes a guy likes to hang out in his bedroom, just relaxing after a long day. Is that what the young man to the left is doing, or is about the endure a spanking? It’s hard to say, but based on the somewhat sour expression on his face I would guess the latter. Poor boy, I hope the spanking’s not too severe. He looks like such a nice boy, but who knows, maybe he did something really bad  ….;-)

on the bed #2This second guy sure is hot. Do you think he’s waiting for his boyfriend to join him on that bed? If so, I don’t think he’ll be wearing those briefs much longer, but maybe his boyfriend will let him wear the hat while they get passionate.

I’m home from visiting my friend who lives near Ocala, and we had a great time. Saturday night we built a bonfire on the beach behind his house, sown by the lake. Okay, the air was chilly but the fire kept us warm, and we certainly got a good buzz on. Saturday, we hiked three trails in the Ocala National Forest; it was beautiful there, especially the Lake Geotrge Trail at the Silver Glen Springs section of the park. We hiked in the shade of huge live oaks draped in Spanish moss and long leaf pines that had to be two hundred years old they were so huge. Lake George is the second largest lake in the State of Florida; really amazing to see for the first time.

on the bed #8Last night we prepared dinner ourselves, and then we just sat in my friend’s living room, shooting the breeze and catching another good buzz. Both of us felt so relaxed after a day of hiking, and we didn’t stay up too late. Then, this morning I drove back to our little island on the Gulf Coast, where the weather is just perfect. I did a bit of work on our rental apartment, and cleaned up our patios of fallen leaves. Now it’s six PM and I have just opened a cold bottle of beer.

My boyfriend’s due home from school pretty soon, and tonight I’ll prepare a homemade pizza and a garden salad for our dinner. I had a great trip, but it feels good to be home now. Have a great Monday evening, everyone.


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