The enigmatic boy with the belt; nice comment from a reader in Iceland ….

belt #2Hi, friends and readers:

A few years back, I posted the photo to the left on this site. It caused a minor sensation. I’d seen the photo before, back in the 1980’s, in a gay magazine, I don’t remember which. But recently I had to delete three years worth of my old photo posts to free up space on my host server. So, I thought I’d put the photo up again, for everyone’s enjoyment. I love the photo for several reasons. Firstly, the young man is beautiful. I also like the way sunlight reveals the contours of his body. His face is in shadow, and it bears a curious expression. He’s not happy, but he doesn’t seem sad, either. And why is he holding that belt? Is he due for a whipping? If so, what did he due to deserve the whipping?

Like all good photos, it asks more questions than it answers. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

I received a very nice comment today from a reader named David who lives in Iceland. He said this:

“Hello Martin:

“I accidentally ended here on your website after a Google search for something and have been reading your posts for the last hour or so. I love your posts and the pictures. I also share your love for black and white photography. There is something magical about it. I also live on an island called Iceland in the north Atlantic. Maybe you have heard about that windy island of ice and fire? I would love to send you a photo of me, where can I do that?
Thank you for the posts and I will surely check out your books!

“Love, David.”

Wasn’t that sweet? I will reply privately to David, but I wanted to share his kind words with all of you.

Have a wonderful Friday, friends, wherever you might be today.

3 thoughts on “The enigmatic boy with the belt; nice comment from a reader in Iceland ….

  1. It’s from an advert for a porn movie in In Iouch Magazine 30 odd years ago. It ran a number of times, it is in the attic. I was thinking of looking for it today, having not seen it for 15 years!!

    • Hi, David:

      Wow, thanks so much for writing. I had a subscription to In Touch back then, but I forgot that’s where I saw the photo of the boy with the belt. I think he’s just about the most beautiful male I have ever seen. I wonder where he is today?


      • Well, I don’ know, I squeezed into the attic and went through the two boxes, but I couldn’t find him in the six magazines I had, so I have to go through all of them now, it’ll be in one of the American ones, of that I’m sure, I’m off out on my racing bike for 2 hours now and will drag the boxes down afterwards. I’ve always wanted to see the fi
        lm, we develop false memories over time and never really realise it until we go back and check, for all I know, I’m a girl!!

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