Sexy, shirtless guys; another gorgeous day on the island ….

shirtless #2Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve said this before: some guys simply shouldn’t wear a shirt — not ever. Okay, maybe to church or when entering a restaurant. But beyond that, never. Why cover up all that smooth and rippling flesh? Why deprive the rest of us of your beauty?

Now, I think the guy to the left is just about perfect. He’s slim with a bit of muscle, and those tattered shorts really show off his narrow waist. Imagine him wandering around your house all day long dressed like that. How long would it be before you dragged him into the bedroom for a session on the mattress? Five minutes, maybe? I’ll bet he’d be a wild one between the sheets. I wonder what his name is and where he lives?

shirtless #3We ended up hosting a dinner party last night, and then we watched the second game of the NCAA Final Four tournament. Wisconsin won, which made my boyfriend very happy because that’s where he went to school. Hide celebrated by visiting a bar wiht our two dinner guests, while I celebrated by going to bed.

I was tired after spending much time at the beach, soaking up sun. I slept like a log through the night, and then I got up around nine AM today, feeling rested and ready for another glorious spring day, here on our island. I don’t have any solid plans. I’ll walk three miles on the beach, read the Sunday newspaper, and doing some editing on one of my novels I’m polishing.

It’s beautiful here today: sunny, breezy, and warm. How lucky I am to live here. 🙂 Have a nice Sunday, everyone.


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