One last pair of shirtless guys; basketball’s on tap at Martin’s ….

shirtless #10Hi, friends and readers:

Are you tired of seeing all these shirtless guys on my website today and yesterday? Of course you’re not; you love them as much as I do, and why not?

Check out Mr. Sunglasses to the left here. I could drive cross-country with him as long as he kept his shirt off. He’s a lovely lad, isn’t he. I wonder what color his eyes are? I’m guessing ice-blue. I’ll bet his name is . . . Mark and he attends University of South Carolina. He’s majoring in theater and his boyfriend’s a ballet dancer. They both have southern accents that would make you melt.

I had a good workout at the YMCA this afternoon, but the pool was too crowded for me to swim, an unusual situation. Every lap lane was full, so I left. I hit the supermarket on the way home, where I purchased fresh haddock for tonight’s dinner.

shirtless #13The guy to the left is probably what Mark’s boyfriend looks like. Don’t they make a nice couple? I wonder who’s the top man? I’m guessing Mark.

The final game of the NCAA basketball tournament is on TV tonight: Wisconsin versus Duke, and we’ll be glued to the screen the entire game. Since my boyfriend attended UW Madison, he’s a huge Badgers fan and I know there will be a lot of hollering going on tonight. Should I warn the neighbors? It’ll be fun, especially after the tasty fish dinner I’m preparing: haddock, mac and cheese, and a fresh fruit salad. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

I have experienced very heavy traffic on this site during the past three days and also today, so something’s up but I don’t know what. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and have a nice Monday night, everyone. Don’t keep your shirts on. 😉

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