Beautiful Marat; Martin’s going fishing ….

Marat smallerHi, friends and readers:

I’m puttin up a single photo this morning, as I’m pressed for time. The boy to the left is Marat, a Russian/Muslim lad who I consider one of the most beautiful young men I have ever seen. I know he’s skinny, but that’s part of his charm, you see.

In just two hours I will depart for a four-night fishing trip in a remote area of west central Florida. A friend owns a private island up there where I used to lease a fishing camp. I love it up there; it’s so beautiful, and the weather there is perfect at this time of year. Several friends I grew up with will be there. We’ll fish, eat well, and drink a good deal of beer and wine. It’s an annual event I always enjoy.

There’s no Internet up there, so you won’t hear form me until next Tuesday afternoon. You guys be good while I am gone. And have a nice Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Marat; Martin’s going fishing ….

  1. Hi Martin, the boy is hot. I have seen Some other pictures of him. I love his skinny body… I’ve a weakness for skinny boys. 🙂

    Have fun at the island.

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