Beautiful guys, fast asleep; busy Wednesday for Martin ….

sleepingHi, friends and readers:

There’s something special about coming upon a good-looking guy who is fast asleep. They look so vulnerable because their usual masculine guard is down. See the guys in today’s photo posts? I could sit and watch them both sleep for hours. I wonder what each guy is dreaming? And what would they say if they knew I was watching them snooze? Alas, we’ll never know, will we? But I like both photos very much.

sleeping #2I rose early this morning, t walk on the beach at seven AM. Conditions were pretty down there: cool, with a cloudy sky and a gentle breeze. I encountered few people on my walk, and I came home feeling super-relaxed.

I have spent my entire morning writing, and now it’s time for lunch. Right after lunch I have to swing by my doctors office for a script, and then I’m off to the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. After the YMCA I need to visit the bank, and then I’ll dine with friends before I attend a live concert with The Who and Joan Jett, two of my favorite 70’s rock bands. I have three albums by The Who that I purchased during college. I hope they’ll play songs from them.

Okay, I need to get busy so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Wednesday, and don’t forget to get your beauty rest; it’s important.

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