A lovely lad from the U.K. (Uh, actually Georgia). Want to see more of him?

amazedHi, friends and readers:

You guys know me; I don’t post porn on this website because it’s read by all ages and I don’t wish to offend anyone’s sensibilities. That’s just may way, sorry, but when I come across something special that’s X-rated, I am happy to provide a link for those of you who are over eighteen and not offended by explicit sexual content.

thomas dykesThe young man to the left is, I’m guessing, from the U.K., probably Ireland or Great Britain. And I’m thinking that a photo taken at his high school graduation. He’s a doll, isn’t he? What a beautiful smile. It looks like he won an academic medal that is hanging around his neck, so he must be a smart lad as well.

But there’s another side to Thomas. It seems he has an older boyfriend and the two are not the least bit sexually inhibited. A series of photos of Thomas and his lover have circulated around the Internet and they are quite . . . stimulating. I don’t know anything about Thomas’ boyfriend, but he certainly is a lucky guy. Have a nice Friday night, friends.

One thought on “A lovely lad from the U.K. (Uh, actually Georgia). Want to see more of him?

  1. This young man Thomas could do with a sound bare bottom spanking for allowing his high school photo to end up with his porn photos very naughty boy indeed.

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