A pair of cute twinks to start your weekend; easy Friday ahead for Martin ….

twink #3Hi, friends and readers:

Someone wrote me the other day to say, “How come you never post any photos of twinks?”

Um-m-m, okay, I guess I have been remiss. Sometimes I’ll see a cute high school boy and I’ll say to myself, “I’d like to meet him in a year or two when he’s legal.” Twinks do have their own appeal, I know. So I’m giving you two “cute twink” photos this morning, to start your weekend.

Everybody happy?

I rose at seven AM this morning, but I didn’t walk on the beach. Instead I drove to a lab in town where they took blood samples and I also had to pee in a cup. (What fun.) I’m having some pretty serious surgery next month, to repair my beat-up knees, and the lab work is a necessary part of that. I had to “fast” starting around eleven last night — no food or drink until after I left the the lab — so I wanted to to get the whole thing over with as early as possible.

twinkSo, I got poked, and then the lady must’ve drawn five vials of blood from my arm. It wasn’t all that bad, and now the process is done. 

When I got home I shared breakfast with my boyfriend. Then he left for school and I got busy doing edits on my novel-in-progress. The first draft is done; now I’m just polishing, which is pretty time consuming, but necessary. I don’t mind the editing process, in fact I like it, but it seems to take forever. This novel is 132,000 words long, or about 400 pages. I may finish the edits by the end of May if I am lucky. And then I’ll submit it to a publishing house.

Since today is Friday, I’ll hit the YMCA in town after lunch, for my usual workout and lap-swimming. I’ll do some shopping on my way home, to stock the fridge and cupboards for the weekend. Then my boyfriend and I are hosting a friend for dinner. We’re being lazy and dining on takeout barbeque that is really tasty. I can’t wait.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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