Beautiful guys with long hair; Martin’s almost well again ….

long hair #2Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in college I let my hair grow long, almost until it reached below my shoulder blades. I was tall and slender; I pretty much looked like the boy to the left here. I saw a photo of myself, taken back then, and I thought, “Damn, I looked pretty good, didn’t I?” But of course, back then, I didn’t think so. I lacked self-confidence, as most young men do at that age. I wonder if the boy to the left is insecure? I wonder if he needs a date? 😉

I watched the hockey playoff game between Tampa Bay and Detroit. The Lightning won, which means they advance. I’m afraid I stayed up far to late celebrating, and thus I slept in late this morning. I woke to my boyfriend’s soft snoring, and then we snuggled for a while under the sheets. Now it’s almost ten AM and I am just getting started with my day.

long hairI’m feeling much better this morning, health-wise. I’m no longer congested and my cough has all but disappeared. I have more energy this morning, too. It’s been eight days since I got sick, and I’m sure glad to see the cold go away.

I don’t have a lot planned for today. I have some editing to do on a book that I wrote four years ago and then set aside. I need to finish the edits over the next several weeks, and then submit the book to a publisher. I need to visit the supermarket sometime this afternoon. And I’ll take another three-mile walk on the beach for exercise, since the wind is blowing to hard for me to ride my bike today. My boyfriend’s studying for his final exams all day, but maybe we’ll find some time for a half-hour of bedroom gymnastics. 😉

Okay, I need to get busy. Wherever you are today, I hope the sun is shining, and I hope you’ll have a wonderful Thursday. Keep smiling, guys ….

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