Hot boys and their cameras; pretty morning on the island ….

camera #9Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t post too many selfies on this site;most I come across are bad quality, and while I won’t say the photographic skills of the guys in today’s posts are stellar, I will say the guys themselves are pretty amazing. I mean, check out the “V” on Mr. Sweatpants to the left here. Would you pass up a date with him? Of course you wouldn’t. Aye-yi-yi ….

I rose around 7:30 this morning to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach, and the temperature was actually on the cool side down there. I breeze blew off the Gulf, but I was comfortable in a t-shirt, boardshorts, and bare feet. Not too many people were down there, which was fine with me. This weekend will surely be a mob scene on our island. Beach season is in high gear, and locals from the Bay Area will be out here in droves.

camera #13I’ve spent the better part of my morning editing a lengthy novel. I wrote the first draft about five years ago, but I never got to polishing it because I got side-tracked by other projects. I spent nearly three hours at the keyboard, polishing away. This book is not a typical Delacroix novel. There are no gay characters, and there’s no explicit sex in the book either. It’s what we call a mainstream novel intended to appeal to all sexes, ages, and sexual orientations. We’ll see if a publisher buys it; I’m guessing one will.

Lunchtime is fast approaching. My boyfriend’s in the middle of a final exam at school, so I will dine alone. I had intended to visit the YMCA this afternoon, fr a workout and lap-swimming, but this cold I’ve had for nine days is still lingering around. I’ll take a relaxing bike ride instead, and maybe do some more editing later on. I just need to take it easy and shake off this stupid cold so I feel like myself again.

My boyfriend’s going to a sports bar this evening to have dinner with his co-workers, and to watch a hockey playoff game. I detest sports bars, so I’ll stay home ad have a nice quiet evening by myself.

Have agreat Friday, everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

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