A day of black-and-white beauty; easy day ahead for Martin ….

black and white beauty #20Hi, friends and readers:

At least once a week I like to share some of my favorite black-and-white photos with you guys, ones I find special.

The photo to the left I posted once before, but I think we had to pull it when we deleted hundreds of photos form older posts, to make space on our host server. It’s such a beautiful photo I knew I had to put it back up. I love the expression on the young man’s face. He looks contented, doesn’t he? And I like the way the sunlight plays on his hair. Perfect ….

I woke up at five AM this morning, and I knew right away I’d never get back to sleep, so I got up and took care of some thing online that I needed to tend to. I didn’t mind. Why lie in bed if you’re not sleepy? I’m searching for a used boat to buy through Craigslist, so I spent 90 minutes on that. Then I got busy on edits for my novel-in-progress.

black and white beauty #16Okay, the guy to the left is rather skinny, but there’s something about the photo I really like. I think it’s the way he’s posed and the expression on his face. Its’ hard to tell what he’s thinking, isn’t it?

My boyfriend rose around seven, but we didn’t get to interact much before he left for his final exam of the year. He’s doing an internship this summer, which should be a relaxing change from the school year’s intensity.

I’ve just finished editing work for the day, and after I tend to some correspondence I’ll have lunch. I plan on taking a three-mile walk on the beach for exercise, early this afternoon. It’s nice and cool outside, with a pleasant little breeze, so the walk should be nice. I have an errand or two to run, and then, when my boyfriend gets home we’ll visit a friend in the city t drink a few beers and then share a meal at a restaurant. Doesn’t sound like a bad day, does it?

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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