“North Sea Texas”, a gem of a movie ….

nordzee texasHi, friends and readers:

The photos I have posted here this morning are stills from a wonderful Dutch film titled “North Sea Texas”. The film tells the story of a love affair between two boys, Pim and Gino, who are neighbors. Neither boy has his father in his life, and both feel the need for affection from another male. It’s a beautifully filmed and acted movie, very low key. It’s subtitled, but that never bothers me.

If you are a gay man, you probably remember those feelings you had for other boys when you reached your teenage years. I know I do. I remember feeling terribly confused because all my friends only had interest in girls. It took me a long time before I could find another boy to share my feelings with. Of course, that was many years ago, and hopefully it’s a little easier for gay boys today, but I’m sure it’s still hard. North Sea Texas will take you back to that time in your life. You can check the film out here:


Noordzee-Texas-noordzeetexas3This second still comes from a scene where Gino and Pim tent camp at a beach near their homes. The scene is both sexy and touching. Again, it will take you back.

On to other matters … I think I have finally shaken the cold that has dogged me for nearly two weeks. I’m feeling pretty good, but I’m not going to push things too hard today. I’ll take a three-mile walk on the beach this afternoon and maybe do some housework, but I won’t visit the YMCA or ride my bike.

My boyfriend has to work tonight, so I’ll be on my own. I’ll spend some time on our observation deck, make a simple dinner for myself, and then watch the Tampa Bay Lightning playoff game on TV.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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  1. Hi Martin, hey I totally agree with you about North Sea Texas it was a great movie! And that kid wow! Anyway, I saw it on Netflix. If you have Netflix I recommend another foreign film (German) called – in English anyway – BOYS. It won’t disappoint!
    All the best,

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