Cute boys in beanies; fun day ahead for Martin ….

beanie #7Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something about a beanie that lends a special flair to a young man’s appearance. Of course, you don’t often see beanies in Florida; it never gets too cold here, but once in a while you’ll see one.

Anyway, I like both photos I have posted here this morning. What I like best about the top photo is the lighting. You only see half of the boy’s face, but still you know exactly what he looks like. And I really like the expression on his face.

beanie #9I stayed up late last night, watching a Netflix rental titled The Way He Looks. It’s a Brazilian film. The main character is a blind high school student named Leonardo. He ends up having an affair with one of his classmates, another boy. It’s a nice film; you might want to rent it.

Oh, do you like the lower photo as much as I do? I love the look on the boy’s face, and also the way he’s posed, as though he’s thinking about something important. And what about those freckles …..

I have a nice day ahead of me. A very nice couple from Ireland is renting our vacation rental for two weeks, and today I’ll take them to a nearby park where we’ll have a picnic. I don’t normally do this with folks who rent from me, but they are so pleasant I thought I’d do something nice for them. We’ll dine in a shaded picnic area, right on Mullet Key Bay, and then we’ll walk on a nature trail.

kevinThis evening, my boyfriend and I will attend a baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers, at the Rays’ stadium in St. Petersburg. We’ll do a bit of tailgating beforehand: beer, fried chicken and sides. It’ll be fun; it’s our first Rays game f the season, and I’ll enjoy watching my favorite player, Kevin Kiermaier. He’s a total babe and a great player, a real hustler. That’s him to the left. Cute, eh?

Okay, friends, I have a lot on my plate for today, so I must get busy. So I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Friday, wherever you might be. And if it’s cold where you are, don’t forget to wear your beanie. 😉

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