Hot guys at the beach; lazy Saturday for Martin ….

spring break #3Hi, friends and readers:

Although Spring Break is over, the boys from our local colleges and universities sill flock to our island on the weekends, to stroll long the shore in their boardshorts. You’ll see sights like the one to the left all the time, and it makes a walk on the beach a real treat.

Well, my boyfriend and I did something today I normally detest: we went clothes shopping at an outlet mall south of here. Actually, the shopping trip wasn’t too bad. I bought two new pairs of shorts, three shirts, and two pairs of shoes, all badly needed, as I don’t shop too often. The prices were great, the selection boundless. And the whole thing was over i about two hours.

beach boy #18Now we’re home and our beach is packed with sun lovers. There’s not a parking space to be had, and things will stay this way until around six PM, when they’ll all leave.

My boyfriend;s down at the beach with friends, but I’m staying inside today; it’s a little too warm at the beach for my taste right now, but I’ll probably go up on our observation deck later this afternoon, to have a beer or two and watch the sailboats while I listen to my iPod.

Oh, we had a really good time at the Rays game last night. Our tailgating spot was primo, nice a shady ad breezy. We dined on friend chicken, and the seats our friend gave us were right behind home plate, about twenty rows up, so we could see everything really well. The Rays won 8-2 over Texas. We hit a gay bar afterward before heading home. The bar was actually fun, since a drag queen was holding contests with patrons as contestants.

Tonight the Tampa Bay Lightning have another playoff game with Montreal. If they win tonight they’ll advance in the playoffs, but Montreal’s pretty tough, so we’ll see. Have anice Saturday, everyone.

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