Naked on the bed; Martin’s surgery a success ….

buttHi, friends and readers:

You know how it  is. You wake up kinda early, and you leave your boyfriend in the bed you share because he needs some well-earned rest. An hour later you walk back into your bedroom and there he is. You can’t resist touching his lovely ass cheeks; he’s just so sexy. My boyfriend has an amazing rear end: beefy, rounded and smooth. Aren’t I the lucky guy?

I am posting this morning from the hospital . I have a private room, which is mu knee surgeries were performed. Everything went smoothly but now it’s time to start rehab, and my knees are killing me. The physical therapy folks came by around ten AM this morning. They got me out of bed so I could amble about the room. My pain is pretty severe, so they are giving me some powerful drugs to get me through this period.

butt #2Here’s another guy on hi bed. He’d make the perfect roommate, don’t you think? Look at those buns. 🙂

It’s almost lunhtime, here in the hospital, and the food’s not too bad, really. My room is bright and cheerful, and my boyfriend has spent several blocs of time with me, so I don’t get bored or lonely. Isn’t that nice of him We work crossword puzzles and read the newspaper, and the time flies by. Okay, I have another physical therapy session coming up, so I need to close this post. Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.


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