Black and white beauty; Martin’s feeling better today ….

black and white beauty #8Hi, friends and readers:

Since I’m in the hospital and I’m posting from my laptop, my collection of photos available for sharing is rather limited, but I thought you guys would enjoy a couple of nice black-and-white beauties to brighten up your Saturday.

They got me up early this morning because I had a physical therapy appointment at nine AM, way to early for my taste, but I had no choice in the matter. I was able to shave and brush my teeth so I didn’t look too gungy when I went down there. We had a quick 45-minute session that went pretty well, and now I’m back in the my room. I have an occupational therapy session at eleven AM, and then at noon my lovely boyfriend and another friend are bringing barbeque to the hospital for our lunch. There’s a patient lounge down the hall where we can relax with plenty of space. ┬áIt should be fun.

black and white beauty #7I know I posted this photo a few years ago, but I knew you guys would like it if I put it up again. The guy, of course, is immensely sexy; look at that body. But I also like the Mickey Mouse ears and the expression on his face. He looks like he’s working hard not to laugh.

My boyfriend’s attending a wedding this afternoon, but he may come back to the hospital afterward, to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning play the rangers in the playoffs. If he can’t get back here it’s okay. I’ll so dome reading and maybe some writing as well.

I have a seventh floor view of the St. Petersburg waterfront and Tampa Bay, and through the glass it looks lovely. But every who has been out there says it’s blistering hot. I’m fine with being in the air conditioning. Okay, everyone, have a wonderful Saturday. I’ll post again soon.

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