Hot boys in blue plaid shirts; Martin’s making progress ….

blue plaid shirt #3Hi, friends and readers:

There is something ab out a blue plaid shirt that enhances a guy’s appearance in a way no otheer garment does; and I don’t know why. But I think the boys in today’s photo posts look great in theirs, don’t you?

I had a restless night last night because I had to wear my movement-restricting garments on both legs, a really uncomfortable experience, But did okay, and then I ditched the garments around six AM. I took a pain pill, and then I went to sleep for about three hours. It felt great to sleep soundly.

blue plaid shirt #2This morning, after a late breakfast, I spent an hour with a physical therapist in my room since the therapy gym is closed on Sunday. It was fine. We worked on my knees and my thigh muscle strengthening, it wasn’t too hard. Now we’re done and I have the rest of the day and evening to myself. I’ll do a bit of reading and maybe work another crossword puzzle. I’ll probably take a nap at some point, to make up for lack of sleep over the past few days. I’ll do that after lunch.

A friend is coming over for a visit late thsi afternoon, so I won’t be lonely. My boyfriend is working tonight, so I wont see him until around nine this evening, when he’s on his way home from work.

I met with my rehab doctor this morning — he’s a really nice guy — and he said he thinks he’ll discharge me on Tuesday afternoon. Then I’ll get to go home! It’s been an ordeal, living in an institution for a week. But the folks here are so nice and they’ve done all they could to make me comfortable. What more could I ask for?

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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