Naked guys with lovely feet; Martin’s convalescing ….

feet #2Hi, friends and readers:

I would call myself  foot worshiper or fetishist, although I have engaged in a fair amount of foot-licking and toe-sucking in my day. I also know I have a healthy group of followers who are into feet, so I thought I would share two of my favorite “sexy feet” photos with all of you this morning. I mean, who could resist licking the guy to the elft, head to toe? Not me ….

I had a pretty rough night last night. I went to bed around ten PM, but never really got to sleep until maybe three AM, after I dosed myself with another round of pain killers.Honestly, I did not anticipate just how painful the after-effects of this surgery would be. Now, I’m a tough old guy — I’ll get through this — but It’s going to be rough.

I woke this morning around 8:30. I hauled my aching body out of bed, and then I swallowed a list of pills my boyfriend drew up and taped to our bathroom wall. I hobbled to the kitchen to prepare a simple breakfast, ad then I read the newspaper,

feetHave a look at the guy to the left. I think I’d start licking his cute little rump first, then his thigh and calves, and finally the feet. I’d have that boy babbling to heaven in Morse Code. 😉

Around ten AM, I had a seat a my desk, where I took care of phone calls and paperwork that needed attention. Now I’m posting while my knees throb. My boyfriend should be home soon, from running errands, and then I’ll do my physical therapy exercises for the morning.

The rest of the day? I’ll d some leisure reading. have simple lunch, an then do more physical therapy t strengthen the muscles in my thighs that will give support to my new knees. Look, I have a long way to go before I’m feeling normal again, but I am convinced this will all be worth it in the long run. I’ll be able to run three miles, hike, surf, and do all the other activities I love.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone. And don’t forget to wash you feet. Someone may ask to lick them when you least expect it. 😉


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