Hot guys in the shower; Martin’s progressing ….

shower time #4Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in college I lived my fraternity house once year. I lived on the first floor. About twenty guys on my floor shared the bathroom, which featured gang showers for eight. I can tell you the sights in those showers were nothing less than jaw-dropping. We had a mix of jocks, surfers, and cute preppies in the house at that time, so I got to see all types while soap and water sluiced down their skins.

A-h-h-h, the good old days ….`

I slept in late this morning, till about 10:30. I was sore form the waist down, especially in my knees and thighs. I dutifully took my medications and managed to have an okay breakfast, but my appetite has gone to shit. I have lost thirteen pounds since I entered the hospital on May 11th.

shower time #3Check out butt on the guy to the left. Don’t you want to reach into the photo and squeeze those cheeks? Aye-yi-yi ….

My home health care people came by today to introduce themselves, a nurse and a physical therapist, both super-nice and helpful. They answered all my questions and gave me plenty of suggestions for speeding my recovery. I feel fortunate.

Okay, I am still having a good deal of pain when I a on my feet, and I’m not getting a good night’s rest yet. Too many drugs and changes going on in body, I suppose. But considering my surgery was only ten days ago, I think I’m doing pretty well.

Right now my boyfriend is interviewing fro a summer internship position with a law firm. He left here about twenty minutes ago, looking really good in his suit and tie. I’m so proud of him for all his accomplishments this year at school, and I hope he gets the job. He deserves it.

Not much in store for tonight. We’re having sauteed shrimp over pasta for dinner, and then we’ll watch a Netflix rental. Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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