More beautiful guys in black-and-white; Martin’s doing better ….

black and white beauty #19Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know how much I adore good quality black-and-white photography. It’s an art form all its own, and I especially like both photos I have posted here today. The top photo I posted on this site a few years back, but due to having to delete hundreds of photos from older posts, to free up server space, I’m certain it’s no longer up. So, it’s back. The lighting makes the picture special, as does the expression on the model’s face. Perfect.

I’m posting late today for a variety of reasons all related to my surgery eleven days ago. Look recovering from bilateral total knee replacement is about as rough as it gets. I have pain issues, digestive issues, sleep issues, and so forth. It all takes some getting used to. I’m getting better each day, that’s for certain. But the recovery process will be slower than I’d anticipated. It’s okay, my boyfriend is taking good care of me.

black and white beauty #4It’s about five PM now, and I’ve had a fairly productive day. I did my physical therapy exercises, read fiction, did crossword puzzles, and cleaned up the house as best I could. I iced my knees twice with a special machine I rented; it helps with the pain a lot. I returned phone calls, made appointments for next week. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy my evening.

My boyfriend is working tonight, so I’m on my own. My neighbor will help me over to another neighbor’s place to help celebrate her birthday. I won’t stay long; I’m pretty tired. And then I’ll come home to heat up leftovers for my dinner.

The rest of my evening? I’ll watch the Lightning v. New York hockey game on TV, and then I’ll call it an early night. I’m tired, friends and with good reason. Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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