More guys at the beach; good Saturday for Martin ….

beach boy #9Hi, friends and readers:

In keeping with today’s beach theme, I’ve posted two more “guys at the beach” photos for your enjoyment. The photo to the left could very well have been taken at our beach down the street. That’s looks like Gulf of Mexico water to me. But who knows? I wonder if the young man to the left is donw at our beach?

Actually, my boyfriend and about sex of his co-workers are down at the beach right now, soaking up rays and swimming in the Gulf. How I wish I could join them, but alas, I can’t. Just walking down there would be a challenge, and I’m not allowed to enter the Gulf until my surgery incisions are completely healed. I’ll just have to live vicariously through my boyfriend’s experience today. 🙁

beach boy #10It’s been a good day, actually. I did two full physical therapy sessions, one the morning, the other in mid-afternoon. Each session takes about an hour. First I walk about two hundred yards with my walker, inside the house. Then I perform a whole lot of exercises designed to strengthen all the muscles in my thighs and butt. These support my knees, so it’s important. When I finished the second round, I iced both knees for half an hour, and then I grabbed a shower. I’m actually feeling pretty good for a cripple.

It’s just turning five PM here, and I think I have earned myself a few beers. I’ll pop open a bottle and maybe listen to my Beats headphones for a little while. They make my i-Pod tunes sound so good; it’s like I’m attending a concert.

My boyfriends is supposed to cook dinner tonight, but I am having my doubts, since he’s spent the better part of the afternoon drinking beer at the beach with his pals. I’m thinking we’re looking at takeout, which is fine. Maybe pizza?

Have a nice Saturday night, friends, wherever you might be today.

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