Happy Memorial Day from Martin ….

flag boyHi, friends and readers:
It’s Memorial Day, a time to fly the flad proudly, and what better way to display our flag than to have the lovely young man to the left hold it aloft? He’s a babe, isn’t he? Just looking at him makes me smile.

I woke up in a good deal of pain this morning, due to come adjustments in my medication regimen I mad eon my own, maybe not such a wise idea. But I got through the morning as best I could. I even did my morning exercises, as tough as that was.

My boyfriend left to attend a friend’s birthday party, just after lunch, while I remained home to convalesce, as they say. It’s not all that bad; it’s just boring. Especially because I know just down the street there are hundreds of people enjoying themselves on our lovely beach, while I am stuck inside. 🙁 It’s okay, this won’t go on forever, and when it’s done I’ll feel great.

flag boy #2Here’s another flag boy for your enjoyment. I love the expression on his face. It’s almost a seductive look, isn’t it? Aye-yi-yi ….

So, it’s about two PM here, and I suppose I will do some more reading, after I take care of a few things around the house. Reading helps pass the time and it’s so much better than TV. I did manage to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning’s playoff game last night; they beat the Ranger 2-0, and now they only have to win one more game to reach the Stanley Coup final. It’s pretty amazing, considering twenty years ago we didn’t even have a hockey team in this area. Go Bolts!

Okay, everyone, enjoy your holiday. Wear plenty of sunscreen and drive safely. Have a great Memorial Day, and don’t forget to wave your flag.

2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day from Martin ….

  1. Hey!! Sorry you had to have surgery. Praying for you while dealing with my own circumstances. I’m gay as well. Hope you are doing well!! Surgery is serious and risky. I had Scoliosis and had back surgery (November of 2011). The hospital had good food but recovery was painful. My best friend (my principal) gave me permission to go lax on dress code. I was hot looking like a turtle. HAHA!! I felt not sexy. Now I eat too much. Sometimes hospitals are good for weight loss (May be about ALL they’re good for). Do something nice for that honey (You’re rock)!

    Shanah Tovah (Have a good year in Hebrew/Yiddish),

    Zum neuen Jahr viel Glück, Gesundheit und Erfolg )
    (Wishing you luck, health and success for the New Year in German),

    Hunter (Call me Hunt)

    • Hi, Hunt:

      Thanks so much for your greeting and best wishes. This rehab business is tough stuff but I will get through it, I know, especially with help from my b/f. He’s the best. Thanks again for writing.


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