Guys grooming themselves. It’s kind of sexy to watch, isn’t it?

shavingHi, friends and readers:

I don’t know why, but I have always found it kind of sexy to watch another guy groom himself before tackling the day, especially if he’s naked while he’s shaving and otherwise getting himself in order. I remember when I lived in my college fraternity’s house on campus. We had gang showers and two banks of sinks, and in the morning I’n enjoy watching naked frat boys lathering their faces and the shaving. The top photo I have posted today remains me very much of that time.

hangoverIt has been a rather uneventful day for me. In fact it’s been downright boring. I am, of course, recovering from my knee surgeries that took place sixteen days ago. I have only been home from the hospital eight days, and I need to be patient about the recovery process. I’m feeling quite good physically. Yeah, there’s some pain in my knees but nothing too bad. My problem is a lack of things to do.

Ordinarily I would busy myself with writing projects, but part of the after-effects of the surgery and all the drugs they pumped into me afterward, is that the creative side of my brain is not fully engaged. I suppose this is normal post-surgery stuff, but it’s driving me nuts. I’m limited as to what I can do physically, so I find myself working crossword puzzles and trying to read books. But it gets old. How I’d love to take a bike ride or go for a long walk on the beach, but I can’t.

All right, enough whining. It’s about 2:30 PM. In about a half-hour I’ll get busy with my physical therapy exercises and the time will pass. In the meantime, I hope you’re having a nice Wednesday, wherever you might be today.


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