Beautiful blond guys; Martin’s healing quickly ….

blond beauty #3Hi, friends and readers:

I have a preference for fair-skinned guys with dark hair and eyes; it’s my thing. And you’d know that if met my boyfriend. But I know many of you have a taste for blond-haired, blue-eyed guys, and I can certainly appreciate your desire. So, I thought I’d brighten your Friday with a couple of “blond beauty” photos I know you’ll enjoy.

What do you suppose is on the young man’s mind to the left here? Nice buns, eh? 😉

I rose pretty early this morning, about 7:15, just as my boyfriend was leaving for work. He helped me make the bed, gave me smooch, and hit the road for Tampa, while I put together a simple breakfast. My knees have been aching every morning since I got home from the hospital, and today was no exception.

blue boardshortsThe photo t the left is one of my all-time favorites. The boy is so sexy with his mop of wavy hair and his slender physique. I could spend all day at the beach with him. 🙂

I had an mid-morning appointment with my surgeon’s assistant. My friend and neighbor was kind enough to drive me, The assistant looked me over and declared the surgery a complete success. He also made a medication adjustment to reduce inflammation in my knees, which he said ought to get rid of my morning pains. I hope it works.

My boyfriend is attending a country-western concert to night with friends. Since I’m housebound right now, I can’t go, but that’s all right. He’s worked hard all week and deserves to let off some steam without having me hobbling around. I’ll make myself dinner, have a few drinks, and then I’ll watch the Tampa Bay Lightning play the New York Rangers. Whoever wins this game goes to the Stanley Cup finals, quite a big deal in the NHL.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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