Are you a spanking aficionado?

prep school boyHi, friends and readers:

See the boy to the left here. He looks like an innocent prep school student, doesn’t he? But he’s actually an actor in videos produced by Sting Productions. Sting specializes in corporal punishment videos; they are quite graphic and the boys involved take a good deal of punishment. The videos are not for the squeamish, that’s for certain.

Anyway, our lad to the left here ends up taking a rather brutal bare-bottomed spanking from his school’s headmaster, and the whole thing’s pretty sexy, especially when our boy’s bottom is bright red and tears are streaming down his cheeks. You can check out the Sting Productions site here:

spank stingUpdate: Someone sent me a still from the Sting Pictures film where our handsome young prep school boy is spending time across a school official’s lap. It looks like the official is laying it on with a will, as they say.

My knees are aching pretty bad today, I suspect due to all the walking I did yesterday when I visited my doctor’s office. So, I will lie low today and give the knees a well-deserved rest. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Are you a spanking aficionado?

  1. I’ve been noticing that you’ve been posting a lot of pics of naked boys with beautiful rounded buns lately, and I was wondering when you were going to let on that you love to see those bare asses spanked!

  2. Sting pictures makes it look real sure they take a beating in reality ,I get a bit horny and excited watching sting pictures. But in reality i still believe CP has a place in society a lot of teen boys and young men are very cheeky and think they know it all . .A lot of them could do with a sound bare bottom spanking from their parents.CP in American high schools is on the decline a real pity,I just hope the 19 states retain CP for a long time to come,Like Sinapore they are not shy to use a cane on a bare bottom at least it keeps law and order over there.

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