Hot boys and their biceps; another quiet day for Martin ….

bicepsHi, friends and readers:

I love watching a cute guy flex his biceps; it’s all so sexy, especially when he doesn’t know just how attractive you find him and his bulging muscle. I mean, who could pass up this guy to the left? Not me ….

We spent a quiet night at home yesterday. I got to spend a little time on our observation deck with my boyfriend, and then I descended to prepare our evening meal: fresh baked grouper with tartar sauce, mac and cheese, and sweet peas. Delicious! Afterward, we watched the Blackhawks/Anaheim game, which Chicago won, so they will face Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup final.

kissing a bicepNow, have a look at the photo to the left. I know it’s a bit out of focus and the lighting is poor, but it sure is sexy. It looks like the photo was taken in a locker room, perhaps after some sort of sporting contest, probably a hockey game. In any event, this boy clearly loves his bicep, doesn’t he?

I woke up this morning in a considerable amount of pain. My knees and thighs were throbbing. So I popped two pain pills and went back to bed. It took 45 minutes before the pills kicked in, so I just lay there and gritted my teeth. According to my doctor, the pain from my surgeries should subside within a week from now. I can’t wait; I am so tired of popping pain pills and so tired of waking at three AM with my knees aching.

I am getting around pretty well now. I don’t need to use a walker, just a cane for insurance so I don’t trip or lose my balance. My boyfriend’s spending the afternoon with a bud, and I’m hanging out at home, doing some reading and trying to pamper my new knees.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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