Sexy guys with kissable lips; gloomy day on the island ….

lips #3Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys have the most amazing lips that simply beg to be kissed. You know, during my life I have actually shared a bed with men who refused to kiss me; they said it was “crossing a line.”


I don’t know about you, but I think kissing another man is one of the most erotic activities a gay man can do. It drives me crazy with lust. If that’s “crossing a line”, I’m more than happy to do so. And I sure wouldn’t hesitate to kiss either guy in today’s photo posts. Would you?

I had a pretty good morning today, although I was up several times during the wee hours to pop Tylenol for the ache in my knees and thighs. But at least I didn’t resort to the prescription pain killer, and that’s good. I want to wean myself off that crap.

lips #6I woke around 8:30 AM to the sound of rain pounding our roof. It sounded so lovely that I just lay there for a while, listening to the rat-a-tat and the roll of thunder in the distance. I finally got up to make breakfast and shave, and then I got busy on my physical therapy exercises. After icing my knees for a half-hour, I made myself some lunch, and now I am ready to meet with my physical therapist around one PM. He’s a nice man and very helpful. I’ll spend my afternoon taking care of correspondence and doing another round of exercises. Nothing exciting, but that’s okay.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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