A pair of lovely, slender guys; Martin’s feeling better this afternoon ….

slender #11Hi, friends and readers:

Some gay men like muscle boys, and I get that. But I prefer slender guys with long arms and legs. Maybe because that’s how I looked when I was in my late teens and my twenties. When I left for college, at age seventeen, I was 6’2″ tall and weighed 155 pounds, no kidding. If I turned sideways you could barely see me. Back then I thought myself unattractive, but I wouldn’t nowadays.

slender #12Anyway, I am posting two “slender guy” photos here this afternoon . I especially like the upper photo. The model is curiously posed and he has an odd expression on his face. It’s hard to tell if he’s sad or just deep in thought. Who knows?

I had a rough time during the wee hours of this morning. I woke around two AM in terrible pain. I had to get up and take two pain pills, something I really didn’t want to do, but it was necessary. I never really got back to sleep soundly; I just sort of dozed on and off. I woke feeling groggy and out of sorts around nine AM, just as my boyfriend was leaving. I hope I’m not being too much of a whiner these past few days, but I am so tired of being in pain. When will this shit end?

Speaking of slender guys …. You guys know I don’t post porn on this website, as the site is intended for all ages. But if you’d care to see a skinny guy put his boyhole through its paces, and you are over the age of eighteen, you may wish to have a look at this:


Who’d ever imagine that such a skinny guy coould stretch himself that wide? Aye-yi-yi …

All right, everyone, I need to do my afternoon exercises now. I am feeling much better than I did this morning, so I’ll be okay for the duration of the day. My boyfriend is working at the Stanley Cup Finals in Tampa tonight, and I’ll watch the game on TV after dinner. Have a nice Wednesday, friends.

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