Hot guys in tight briefs; Martin’s off to Physical Therapy ….

briefsHi, friends and readers:

You know, there are certain guys who should wear nothing but tight briefs when they are home. Why cover up all that smooth flesh and rippling muscle. I mean, look at this guy to the left. Is he sexy or what? I like everything about him: washboard abs, shoulder muscles like shot puts, beefy thighs, and shaggy hair. I could stare at him all day while he sauntered around in those briefs. I wonder who he is and where he lives? Why not in my neighborhood?

I went through my usual two AM bout with knee pain, where I got up and took two pills and then went back to bed. My poor boyfriend, I hope I’m not disturbing him too much with my nocturnal activities, but they can’t be helped. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get a decent night’s sleep. Hopefully the whole situation will start to lessen in the days ahead.

kitchen boy #4Okay, how would you like to walk into your kitchen one morning to find Mr. Bulge-in-the-Undies here leaning against your kitchen counter? What would you do?

I know what I’d do: drag him into the bedroom and tear off those briefs as quickly as I could. Okay, afterward I’d insist he wear the briefs all day long. Could you blame me?

This afternoon I’ll visit a physical therapy studio where they will evaluate my post-surgical condition and then design a series of exercises to get me back to walking normally again. It’s a big step in my recovery, and I am ready to get on with it. I’m taking a taxi there since I can’t drive, and that’s okay. It’s only about four miles form my house. Afterward, I’ll return home and maybe do some home exercises before my boyfriend gets home from work.

I’m not sure what’s in store for our evening, but I am hoping we can spend a little time on our observation deck before we bake a homemade pizza for dinner. Doesn’t that sound nice? Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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