Hot guys in white towels; party time at Martin’s today ….

white towel #2Hi, friends and readers:

How come a guy wearing only a white towel wrapped around his waist looks so darned sexy? I sure don’t know, but these photo bring back memories of my college dormitory when guys would stroll down the hall in their white towels, headed for the shower room. Ah-h-h, the memories ….

Last night turned out to be a lot of fun. My friends and I dined on excellent pizza and salad, washed down with plenty of good wine. We watched the Tampa Bay Lightning win a Stanley Cup game against Chicago, 4-3. I went to bed feeling really good.

Today’s another day in Recovery Land for me. I did my morning exercises like a good boy, and my knees fell pretty good this afternoon. I’m taking it easy so I don’t stress my knees, since I kind of overdid it yesterday with household activities.

white towelMy boyfriend is hosting a party at our house today. When you live right on the beach, you tend to host a lot of gatherings. The guests are mostly my boyfriend’s co-workers, and they are all nice people. They’re all at the beach right now, with coolers of beer and games to play, but it’s too far for me to walk down there right now. I’ll stay in the house and lie low. In a few hours, they will all return to the house and then my boyfriend will grill burgers and hot dogs for our guests.

Listen, I want to say thanks to all of you who have written to me in recent days to wish me well with the aftermath of my knee surgeries. I think things have gone about as well as they could have, and I know the final result will make for a better life for me in the years ahead. I’ve always been an active guy; running, hiking, surfing, and playing basketball are all favorite pastimes and now I’ll be able to do them whenever I want to. How cool is that?

Okay, everyone, it’s Sunday, and that means you get to do whatever you damned well please. Have fun today, and don’t forget to wear a white towel at some point, nothing  else. 😉

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