A young basketball player shows off his stuff ….

amazed #2Hi, friends and readers:

You know, sometimes I think a lot of people are clueless about what happens in the digital age when you post personal photos of yourself on a social media site or elsewhere. One minute the photos are private, the next they’re all over the Internet for everyone and his brother to see.

basketball #2Have a look at our young basketball player to the left. He looks like a wholesome guy, doesn’t he? He’s the type of boy you’d hope your daughter might attend the homecoming dance with, right?

Um-m-m, he has another side to him, and I doubt his parents would approve if they knew about it. In any case, suffice it to say he has posted some very revealing photos of himself which have now found their way into the cyber world for all of us to see.

If you are over the age of eighteen and are not offended by male nudity, then have a look at his photos. He’s not the least bit shy about showing himself off, is he? Here’s a link to the photos:


Aye-yi-yi ….

My boyfriend’s party went off without a hitch yesterday. Everyone had a good time and the house is put back together. Now it’s Monday morning and I’m home by myself, convalescing from surgery. My legs are a little achy today; I’m not feeling my best, but I’ll feel better as the day moves on.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “A young basketball player shows off his stuff ….

  1. Did you notice the pic of our boy manhandling his “cobra,” with the Bible verse on the wall behind him? It seems those religious boys have some of the wildest kinks and fetishes!

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