Hot guys in tight briefs; muggy day on the island ….

bmx #4Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photos I’ve posted here this morning as much as I do? I posted both of them before, a few years back, and I thought newer readers might want to see them. So here they are.

Check out Mr. Sexy to the left here. Would you like to take a ride on his handlebars? Of course you would. 😉

I got up around 7:30 this morning, to share breakfast with my boyfriend, but I was so tired I ended up going back to bed for two hours. See, I keep waking up around two AM each morning, with my knees aching. I have to pop a pain pill, and then I read in the living room for an hour before I can get back to sleep. It’s an annoying situation, but I can’t do much about it. I just do a lot of reading. Anyway, it’s getting close to lunch time now, and I’ll throw something together.

briefs #2How do you like Mr. Tight Briefs here? What do you think he’s gazing at? Some sexy neighbor he’s hot for? And how much longer will those briefs stay on? Not long, I’d guess.

I have an afternoon appointment with my physical therapist at two PM. When my boyfriend gets home we’ll run a few errands and then we’ll dine out at a seafood place, here on the island. Then we’ll visit a friend’s home to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning’s fourth game in the Stanley Cup Final. It should be exciting, especially because our friend owns a huge flat screen TV. We’ll drink a few beers and get a little rowdy.

It’s a hot and muggy day, here on the island. Today the temperature will climb to 92 degrees F and the humidity is about 90% as well. Summer is definitely here and I have no desire for outdoor activities until the sun is low in the sky. Conditions will be like this until mid-October, so we just have to get used to it. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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