A day of beautiful male torsos; baseball on tap tonight for Martin ….

torso #5Hi, friends and readers:

The ancient Greeks worshiped male beauty, and especially men with muscled torsos. Some artists sculpted torsos exclusively, and you can see why when you look at the photos I have posted here. Wouldn’t you like to run your hands over either guy’s smooth chest, belly and arms? Aye-yi-yi, how sexy can you get?

It’s a gloomy and overcast day today, here on the island. I spent my morning reading the newspaper and working a crossword puzzle to pass the time. What fun. I can’t wait for this recovery/rehab experience to end.

torso #4My boyfriend got us tickets to the Tampa Bay Rays game tonight, and it’ll be nice to get out of the house. We’ll tailgate beforehand so we’ll have a good beer buzz and food in our stomachs when we enter the ball park. I’m not even sure who the Rays are playing, bt I don’t really care. I’ll enjoy being out in a crowd of people who are in a good mood. The Rays are playing well this year, and maybe they will win again tonight.

My favorite player is Kevin Kiermeyer, who is a total babe and no doubt has a beautiful torso of his own, but it’s not likely we’ll get a glimpse of it during the game. 🙁

All right, everyone, I need to grab lunch before departing for yet another Physical Therapy session. The sessions aren’t exactly fun, but they designed to hasten my recovery form surgery, so I’m happy to go. Have a great Friday, everyone.

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