Another pair of beautiful torsos; hockey on tap for Martin tonight ….

torso #7Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday’s “beautiful torso” photos were such a big hit I thought I’d put up two more today. They are pretty sexy, aren’t they. I especially like the top photo where the guy has a finger in his mouth, as though he’s about to get ravaged sexually. Yummy!

Well, the baseball game and tailgating we enjoyed last night was great, even if we did endure a rain shower that cut short our tailgating. The downside was I had to do a lot of walking to reach our seats in the ball park, and today I paid for it. My knees were achy all day. 🙁

A good portion of the middle of the day was consumed by making plans for a trip I plan to take my boyfriend on for his birthday. Although the birthday’s in July, the trip will be in early September. My boyfriend’s a Wisconsin Badgers sports nut, and the Badgers are playing Alabama in Dallas on September 5th. So we booked a hotel, bought tickets, and booked a plane flight today. It’ll be fun.

torso #3Okay, the boy to the left doesn’t have the chiseled torso the other guys do, but I still think his body’s damned sexy. Do you?

My boyfriend is working tonight, at the hockey arena in Tampa where the Lightning will play Chicago in the Stanley Cup final series. This is the fifth game. The teams are tied 2-2, so tonight’s game is huge. The whole Bay Area is amped for this game. I, of course, will be at home, watching on TV. I am tired after last night’s ball game and all the walking we did. I have plenty of leftovers for dinner. I also have plenty of beer, wine, and vodka to keep me in a warm and fuzzy state, so I will be fine.

Outside, it’s steamy and way too hot. So I will stay in the air conditioning as I savor my first cold beer of the evening. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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