Sexy guys with beautiful smiles; quiet Sunday on the island ….

smiley #6Hi, friends and readers:

I love a cute guy with a beautiful smile, like the ones whose photos I have posted here today. All I have to do is look at either photo and a smile creeps across my face. Now, I’m not crazy about that lip ring on Mr. Smiley to the left here. Don’t those get in the way when you kiss? But he’s still a real cutie in my book.

So, last night turned out poorly for the Lightning; they lost 2-1 to Chicago. The game was so bad I turned it off in the middle of the second period. I couldn’t stand to watch anymore. Instead I sat our our back screened porch and listened to our patio fountain gurgle. It was nice back there, so peaceful and quiet.

It’s quiet on the island today. Yeah, we have the usual Sunday beachgoers, but not as many as usual. The sun is shining and a light breeze is blowing, but it’s still too stinking hot for outdoors activities in the afternoon.

smiley #4Check out this guy’s smile to the left. It’s what I call a “one hundred watt” smile, just amazing, especially with his dark hair and eyebrows and dark eyes. Just my type …. 😉

I slept in late this morning; my knees and thighs were aching pretty bad, so I took some Tylenol and crawled back into bed with my boyfriend, who worked late last night and was tired. Eventually we got a little romance going between the sheets, which felt awfully good. Have I mentioned my boyfriend also has a beautiful smile? Well, he does. (Lucky me.)

My boyfriend’s actually shopping for a couple of dress shirts at an outlet mall right now. I didn’t go because I can’t do all that walking. I’m trying to be useful here at home this afternoon. I’m washing our duvet cover and another load of clothes. I loaded the dishwasher and ran it, and I scrubbed the bathroom sink. Okay, none of that was too taxing, but I least I got things done to make life easier for both of us in the week ahead. In a little while I will drive to our island’s seafood market to buy fresh fish for our dinner tonight. I love the fresh grouper we buy there; it’s so tasty, and so good for you.

Okay, I have a few more chores to get done, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Sunday, wherever you might be. And keep smiling; it’s important.

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