Lover boys getting close; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

lover boys #22Hi, friends and readers:

I adore photos of two men showing affection to each other, especially in public places. With same-sex marriages now the norm is most states, you see a lot more of this than you used to, even three years ago. My boyfriend and I attended a major league baseball game last Friday and we kissed each other more than once during the game. No one batted an eye, which was pretty cool.

Last night I made jambalaya for the first time in my life, and it turned out really well. I served it with steamed yellow squash and the meal was delicious, plus we have plenty of leftover jambalaya for lunches. Woo-hoo.

I finally got a good night’s sleep last night. Okay, I had to take a pin pill around two AM, but then I fell right back to sleep and I woke this morning around 8:30 feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

lover boys #23I feel like I am slowly turning a corner in my recovery from knee replacement surgery. Both knees are feeling less achy and much stronger, which is good.

Today will be a typical Wednesday for me and my boyfriend. He’s at work at his law clerking job which will last all summer. I have some housework to do, both here and next door at our vacation rental apartment. Then at two PM I have a physical therapy appointment for an hour’s workout. It’s a serious workout for my knees, and necessary.

Tonight I’m grilling cheeseburgers over charcoal for our dinner, and we’re hoping our friend and neighbor will join us. Right now, it’s beastly hot outside, so I will stay inside where it’s nice and cool. Have a good Wednesday, everyone.

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