A pair of blond beauties; Martin’s home from the road ….

blue-plaid-shirt #3Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this website then you know I am partial to men with dark hair and eyes; it’s my thing. But so many of you guys like your blond, blue-eyed boys, so I thought I’d put up a pair of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. Do they meet with your approval? If so, let me know.

It’s been a rather busy weekend for Martin and his boyfriend. Friday night we went out for dinner and a movie, Jurassic World, which was pretty entertaining in 3-D. Lots of people were eaten by dinosaurs and the photography and sound effects were amazing.

Saturday morning, we piled into the Element and drove northward to inspect a boat slip we are trying to rent for a new boat we will purchase for use at a fishing camp we are co-renting with some other guys we know.

blond beauty #5After we finished measuring the slip, we hit the road again, to visit our friend who lives near the Ocala National Forest. We visited the forest to swim in a very pretty spring there, and then we spent a very fun evening drinking and dining together. Our friend’s place is lakefront with a wonderful view out the second floor screened porch, a perfect place to savor the beauty of the surrounding nature.

I slept like a log last night. After a quick breakfast, we bid our friend goodbye, and then we drove over to the west coast to inspect a boat we are probably going to purchase. It’s a perfect boat the for the fishing camp, even though the motor’s not as big as we’d like, it’ll serve in the interim.

We arrived home mid-afternoon today, feeling kind of tired and road-weary, but we accomplished a lot, so I’m feeling good about all we accomplished. Our friend and neighbor is hosting us for dinner tonight, so we won’t even have to cook. Perfect!

Have a nice Sunday evening, everyobe.

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