Are feet sexy? Uh, sure they are ….

feet #5Hi, friends and readers:

It’s no secret there’s a subset of gay men out there who adore other guys’ bare feet. They love to lick arches and heels and love to suck toes. It’s an acquired taste, I guess, not one I ever delved into too deeply, although I have indulged form time to time. Hey, as long as a guy’s feet are clean, who’s getting hurt? The two guys kneeling before the young man on the weight bench certainly seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t they?

feet #3Here’s a foot-lover’s dream to the left. The expression on his face seems to say, “Get busy licking, boy.”

I woke around 4:30 this morning, wide awake. I wasn’t in pain or anything, I just wasn’t sleepy. So, I sat on our back screened porch and listened as a thunderstorm rolled in from the Gulf of Mexico. A read a couple of chapters in a book I’m reading at present, The Boys in the Boat, which is a really interesting account of how the University of Washington rowing crew won the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany.

Finally, I went back to sleep around 6:30, and I didn’t get up until 9:30 AM. Outside, the sky is overcast and the air is damp. It’s gloomy, but at least the clouds keep the summer heat in check to a degree. I have a physical therapy appointment at two PM this afternoon, and then I’ll hit the supermarket to buy something for tonight’s dinner.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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