More feet for you foot-lovers; quiet night on the island ….

foot wirshipHi, friends and readers:

Hey, thanks to all of you who wrote in today talking about the joy of foot worship. Listen, I can see how the whole scene can be pretty sexy, so have at it, guys. The young man to the left looks real happy. 😉

It’s been a good day. My physical therapy session went well and my therapist says I am making better than average progress. But I am still looking at another 6-8 weeks before I’m up to full speed.

feet #2I hit the supermarket on my way home, but sadly my favorite stock boy was not in the aisles this afternoon. 🙁 He’s slender and as tall as me (6’2″). He has dirty blond hair and the dreamiest eyes I’ve ever stared into. Well, maybe next time.

It’s going to be a quiet night on the island. My boyfriend’s having problems with a chronic sore throat and he’s feeling a little under the weather today, after our busy weekend on the road. We may visit our observation deck for a bit when the sun gets lower in the sky, but other than enjoying a delicious dinner I will prepare, I doubt we’ll be very active. It’s okay, we can both read or maybe watch a Netflix rental until it’s time for bed. Every night doesn’t have to be action-packed.

Okay, I have some correspondence to tend to and a few other things to take care of before my boyfriend gets home, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a nice Monday night. Keep your feet clean, guys. 😉


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