Sexy and shirtless; it’s Gay Pride Day ….

shirtless #13Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Gay Pride Day in the Tampa Bay area and in just a couple of hours I’ll accompany my good friend and neighbor to the Pride Parade in downtown St. Petersburg. Fir years the parade was held during daytime, but in west central Florida it’s just too damned hot in late June for that sort of thing. So now it’s a night parade with lighted floats, including one my boyfriend will be a part of this year.

As always there will be tons of sexy young men wandering around the parade site shirtless, like the guy in the top photo here. It’s always a feast for the eyes, plus everyone’s in a good mood. What could be better?

gay prideAbout Gay Pride ….

Yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is a milestone in every gay man’s life. It changes everything for us. We are no longer second class citizens. We don’t have to hide who we are and how we love. We can just be ourselves, without any sense of shame. Of course. there will always be hater sin this world, people who can’t accept anyone who is “different” from them. But the Supreme Court “bitch-slapped” the homophobes yesterday, big time.

Now it’s our turn to celebrate, and what better way than a Pride Parade. I plan to drink a few beers while I watch the parade. My knee surgery six weeks ago will ¬†preclude me from dancing, I’m afraid, but I’ll enjoy watching others do so.

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