Sexy guys fast asleep; gloomy morning on the island ….

asleep #4Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something special about coming across a young man who is fast asleep, whether he’s in a bed, lying on a sofa, or even dozing on a park bench. When a guy’s asleep his usual masculine defenses are down and he has an air of vulnerability. For instance, I find the guy in the upper photo I’ve posted here to be utterly charming as he snoozes away in his birthday suit. I could watch for hours, couldn’t you? 😉

asleep #3I woke to the sound of thunder and rain this morning; an early rain shower rolled across our island from the Gulf, which was okay because the cloud cover kept things somewhat cool outside. I slept until ten AM, as I was weary from last night’s Gay Pride parade. The parade was lots of fun but it started 90 minutes later than it was supposed to. Many of the 250 floats were creative and everyone was in high spirits due to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. Also, I noticed that parade attendees behavior and appearance was a lot classier than in past years. Nobody walked around with their bare ass hanging out, and I didn’t hear any foul language. A lot of straight couples and parents with kids were there also.

asleep #5I think we’re growing up.

At present my boyfriend is sleeping off a hangover he earned by staying out far too late after the parade. I came home at a reasonable hour, so I am feeling fine, aside from my somewhat achy knees. All the walking and sitting in a lawn chair last night sort of wore me out.

Today is going to be “housecleaning day” for us, something we have put off far too long, due to my physical limitations following double knee replacement surgery. The whole cleaning process takes about three hours, which is not a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon, but the house has gotten pretty grungy and we need to get this done.

We received a new Netflix rental, American Sniper, that’s supposed to be pretty good, so we’ll probably watch it this evening after dinner. Not a very exciting Sunday, I suppose, but it works for me. Have a nice Sunday yourself, wherever you might be today.

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