Slender and sexy; typical Monday for Martin ….

on the phoneHi, friends and readers:

Okay, the photographic quality of the pictures I have posted here this morning is not good, but the guys in them sure are sexy. Okay, they are both quite slender, but I like that. Skinny guys are often bedroom dynamos. Just because they aren’t beefcakes doesn’t mean they aren’t masculine and sexually aggressive.

When I was in college I was 6’2″ and I weighed 160 pounds. I had a body like the guy to the left here, and I didn’t like it. I thought I was way to skinny. But I wouldn’t feel that way now. Skinny is cool in my book.

Speaking of skinny …. Since mu surgery on May 11th, I have lost about fifteen pounds. I’m normally about 180, but now I’m closer to 165. Almost all the weight disappeared from my arms, legs and shoulders because I can’t do my usual workout with weights at the YMCA.

slender #8Oh well, I suppose I’ll get the muscle back when I can return to the gym, which will hopefully be in another month to six weeks. This recovery process I am going through is frustrating to the max. Yesterday, when we cleaned house, I had to take breaks every half hour or so, to rest my legs. I just don’t have a lot of stamina when I’m up on my feet. As a person who’s been physically active every day since I was twenty, I feel constricted as hell. I can’t wait to urn, swim laps, and work out with weights again.

Today will be uneventful. I spent the better part of the morning reading. I have a physical therapy appointment at two PM, and then I’ll hit the supermarket for a few things we’re short on. We’ll probably watch American Sniper tonight, courtesy of Netflix.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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